You can now buy Diddy’s ‘Sean John’ domain, as no one has renewed it

The “Sean John” domain,, was the website for Diddy’s Sean John clothing empire. However, it appears that the domain’s registration has recently lapsed, meaning that no one has renewed ownership of the domain. I wonder why…?

The Sean John brand maintains an Instagram page (with 253K followers) that remains active online, but it currently has no posted content. However, the Instagram page still links to the Sean John website.

Besides this, domain comes with thousands of links pointing to it, from many big dogs such as NYTimes, TheGuardian, USAToday….And this is the reason why many SEOs will jump on this expired domain auction.

These days, if you are into expired domains business, you will go to a website called ExpiredDomains.Net to browse a list of expired domains auctioned at different venues. But not all auctions are listed there, as an example, domains from NetworkSolutions are listed at Namejet.(not supported at Expired Domain listings).

And is now being fought over right there. The going price right now is around $6,800 with almost 3 days to go. This means domain will fetch more than $10K. This prediction comes from my decades of domaining experience.

It is the type of auction where both domainers and SEOs will place their bids. Because both domain name and link profile are in mid-range level and depending on the number of bidders prices for these domains go from $2000-ish to $20K-ish.

On the other hand, I don’t see that much value in it. I compare these types of famous-person NameSurname domains to “hot stuff,” meaning you can expect both spammers and previous owners to come your way. I am buying them only if they are listed at low Buy Now price, so I can get rid of them fast and resell them to SEOs for mid 5 figures.

Something is telling me that if SeanJohn.Com is sold and not renewed, it will end up in the portfolio of some Chinese spammers or Indonesian casino spammers (they have been buying everything in the last 2 years). Well, let us wait and see.


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