These AI tools will bost your SEO beyond your wildest dreams

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As you’ve probably noticed lately, I’ve been posting more and more AI-related articles. The point is that AI is not going anywhere and is here to stay, I hope that is clear to everyone.

But what is not clear to everyone is that AI will not steal the work of SEO experts and site owners. AI is not your biggest enemy.

If you can’t adapt quickly and take advantage of AI, you’ll be one of those SEO monkeys complaining on forums that SEO is dead.

Those who are at risk are Content Writers, Call centers and Designers, later some other activities will also be at risk, but we are not interested in that.

Here’s how AI can help you do SEO more efficiently and build websites faster.

I have already found some interesting, lightweight services based on AI technology that can make your life easier when it comes to SEO and website development.

Here are some examples that I already use or plan to use to speed up SEO. When I say “speed up” it does not mean that the end result will be of lower quality.

The end result looks nicer, more legitimate and better than most of the stupid Amazon review sites that most internet marketers use.

When generating reports it breaks it down in NLP terms (natural language processing), top ten competition, writing themes & Citations from all the competitor’s sites. Scalenut reports also provide commonly asked questions from Quora, Reddit, Google’s frequently asked questions and provide ai suggestions.This is great for setting up the outline for long-form content.

OK, that AI tool was for SEOs who adore 5,000 words long article.

The next tool is for those SEOs and Internet marketers I really….do not like.

“Saved me so much time by not having to go back and forth between Sheets and ChatGPT”- said one of the users, and I think this is the best explanation of how can this tool help you out.

With no code. It is really simple to use and trust me when I say that you will probably find it useful no matter what you think about website scraping.

In seconds you will become a scraping master. Your cute little bot will be your new best friend. Have I told you it solves Captchas?

What I like about WritingMate? It is always there (small icon is placed at the right side of your screen) so you can use it as you work, no need to go to other website to get Ai created content.

Check it out, it works nice so far.

I’m not going to go into detail and explain every AI tool that has come out in recent months.

I think it is much better to direct you to the source. A place where new ideas spring up every day. It is called Product Hunt, and I am sure you already know about it.

I am visiting that site for years already, but it’s only in the last few months that I’ve started visiting that site more regularly. Almost every day new solutions appear in the form of applications and plugins, don’t miss this opportunity.


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