SEO outsourcing is a bitch, but you can do it

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This was the reason why I went M.I.A. 7 years ago.

Too much day to day stress. But if you find someone who can do SEO for you and he is doing it great and on the budget….tell me about him, I wanna hire that person. Basically this person does not exists.

Good SEOs will work for you only if you pay premium. On the other side bad SEOs are everywhere, especially on Fiverr and Upwork.

But some of them are killing it, having upto $100K per month in revenue. How? Well, imagine 30 south Asian soldiers packed in an office sitting behind their desks doing mundane jobs on a daily basis. This is reality of SEO outsourcing.

Should you outsource SEO?

Well, it all depends what you need. If you need a link builder you can do that by posting a job on Upwork and I am sure you will get 100s of “Dear hiring manager” morons answering your job post. But among the hundreds of no-good link builders there might be a golden one. The problem is, you need enough knowledge to know one when you see one.

If you need to outsource on-page SEO job gets easier since this is more of a technical issue and repetitive work if you need on-page done for thousands of pages. This is something that you dont wanna work yourself if you are offering SEO. This is a foot soldiers job. Basically, anyone can do on-page SEO. Keywords in title, first sentence (yes, this still works) and in H2. Oh my god, how this works, sometimes for huge KWs as well. It is funny that all those fake gurus will not tell you this. They call this “outdated practice” and try to bamboozle you with fancy words.

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How to outsource SEO?

Whatever you do never read blog. This is a huge waste of time, especially if you are easily confused. So, to outsource SEO you need to know what you are doing first. If you are hardened businessman you know how to hire, if you are new to this you need to use common sense.

So, if someone says that he will build 158868 links for $5 you know that something is wrong and you move further.

Like with everything else 95% of you will fail to outsource SEO the way it should be done, other 5% will make a killing. It goes without saying that I could go on and on here, but SEO outsourcing comes down to 1 thing- Use your brain.


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