New and Free WP Plugin to generate BOTH text and Images for your site

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One of the good things about running a site on WordPress is that from time to time such a good tool/plugin appears that will enable you to successfully perform some actions for which you would need serious programmers if you had an ordinary HTML site.

But let’s skip the long introduction and get down to what you’re here for. The plugin is called GPT3-AI Content Generator and you can ….well, you can do a LOT with it. Watch a video below to see how easy is to fill up your site to the top with new and FREE content.

It requires an OpenAI account (key) to run it and while OpenAi is not free, you get first 3 months free of c harge with $18 credit which gives you enough funds to generate around 50 articles (1000 words long).

You can also download it here. I am off to build a couple of (dozens) sites.


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