Alex Becker just became $110 million richer

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The moment I got back into typing, I noticed Alex Becker’s name on Twitter. It’s something incredible, that man always appears when I start to put my thoughts on paper.

He’s always there as a kind of sudden inspiration for me.

And just when I thought he was gone in the crypto world, he proves that he is still in marketing with the sale of his company, which is called HYROS, for a whopping 110 million dollars.

If you are not sure who Alex is you should take a look at his early days in SEO industry. His blog Source-Wave was one of the funniest SEO blogs. The complete opposite compared to what you can read on classic SEO blogs that grind the same story over and over again.

And if you are wondering what happened to Alex Becker, the previous owner of, he one day decided to “kill himself” which is similar to what I did with

“The old Alex Becker had to fundamentally die, it had to go, it had to stop, it had to not exist anymore.The reason why that had to happen is because it is literally impossible for that form of Alex Becker to reach the place that I want to be, the person I want to become.”-said Alex when he announced the death of Source Wave.

You also need to do this if you want to move in your life. Change everything, especially if you are not satisfied with your life. Try something new.


Are you living a Dot Com Life?

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