About Nenad

Nenad SEO used to be an agency that delivered  cutting edge SEO services and Authority Building to clients across the world.

After realising that we, humans,  cannot eat more than 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and one dinner each day, Nenad (owner of Nenad SEO) decided to stop selling his knowledge to clients.

Our site is mentioned in some of the leading news sites, to name a few: Bloomberg, Mashable, SEroundtable...

Working With Nenad


 We are happy to announce that we decided to move away from SEO services. We are now focussed on building our on-line ventures. In case you didn’t know we are based in  Belgrade (Serbia) but we used to work with USA,UK and AU clients. 

You can still contact Nenad at his personal mail (if you know it) or through the contact form below if you have something to ask.

We are not hashtag warriors, don’t try to find us on social media. 


What is this site about?

This used to be a SEO agency but it is not that anymore. We stopped selling services. We do not sell anything at all here. We do not earn money via Nenad SEO. When I say “We” this means “I”.

Who is behind this site?

My name is Nenad. 

other than that is a secret

What happened to your blog?

I deleted everything, but you can see my articles via web archive

Contact Nenad

Getting quality links and mentions in top tier magazines is not an easy job. This is where Nenad SEO comes in. You have the budget and we have the contacts.

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