You Ever Wonder how Public toilet in Monaco Looks Like?

  • toilet in monaco public near museum

I am sure that public toilets never cross your mind when you are thinking about Monaco. You envision fancy stores, expensive cars, Formula One Grand Prix or Casino Monte Carlo. If you ever get a chance to stroll in the park near the Musée océanographique de Monaco you might end up seeing this. (Click image for full size)

toilet in monaco public near museum

At first I wasnt sure what this cute tiny house is about. Maybe it is a house for park keeper, maybe someone lives there..? But then I saw toilet signage. Of course I went inside to check it out. And even though it is all clean and nice inside, it looks much better from the outside.

By the way, taking the walk in the park was one of the best things I did in Monaco. It was so different compared to typical French Riviera experience. If you visited Nice or Cannes you know there are thousands of tourists around you and you cannot enjoy the city as much as you would want to. In Monaco is completelly different, epecially on top of the rock (where the Prince of Monaco lives).

Here are some other images I took while visiting Monaco.

car in monaco with monaco plates
Probably the cutest car I saw in Monaco.
Fontvieille, the newest part of Monaco. Parking for the rich
saint nicolas cathedral monaco
Side view of Monaco Cathedral, where Grace Kelly (and many of the Grimaldis) is buried.