I was Donald Trump on WT:Social and everyone believed me

Not sure where I saw the information first, if I remember it was on Hacker News the other day. But the moment I saw I can skip the waiting line to join this new Facebook rival, I decided to part with $12,99/month and join the new fad. Five minutes after I joined I noticed one thing. All new accounts are auto-joined to a couple of sub-wikis.

The sites works this way. You join and you get the “feed” on your home page, similar to what you have at Facebook. And the feed shows the updates and news from the sub-wikis you are in. And those are always the same sub-wikis. So, I thought about using this feature to post my “news” in front of the so many new accounts.

When people join they see a feed, and immidiatelly they think how this feed is legit, how someone with authority created these articles. But WT:Social works like Wikipedia, anyone can write anything they want. So, I wrote an article and saw the article on top of my feed. And many other new accounts saw this. I knew that because I saw comments coming in.

So, I decided to raise the stakes and test the mod team. I changed my name to Donald Trump. And I made a post where I invited all the Americans to follow me. Comment flood started.

And people that are against Trump started changing “his” post. You see, on WT:Social anyone can change the post you submitted.

Some people linked to a Youtube video from within the post, some people completelly deleted the text, some people deleted the photo where Donald Trump invites people to join his campaign.

And some people started sending me friendship requests. Ah, finally I found social network where I belong.

But today, team at WT:Social posted an article where they are saying how they need more staff to combat trolls and fake posts.

Reddit-meats-Twitter-meats-Facebook have a lot more to learn.  Should I apply to become a mod? Naah, who likes to work for free? Hope this post will help WT:Social team improving the user experience.