Why I am not JrVIP anymore at BHW

The screenshot under this text shows a thread that was removed 25 seconds after it was posted on BlackHatWorld, forum about business. That was today. (clickable image)


Forum about online business where some people use their position and act like kids caught in a lie.

Well, 2 weeks ago in a “shit list” thread, old many years, and started by BassTrackwerBoats I asked a question that he, BossTrackerBoats didn’t like. This soon escalated and he deleted the messages where it was obvious that he was hiding something. (click for BIG image)

And before deleting my posts I managed to take another screenshot.

Like no other forum, here you can earn some substantial cash if you play it right and stepping onto Super Moderator toe will probably not gonna help you in that quest. This is the main reason why almost no members will jump in and help you if something like this happen. I have nothing against that. It is OK to mind your own biz.

Now, I always respected the Moderators and they respected me back as much as they could, having in mind that I use plenty of sarcasm and talk without fear.

But, when a person is caught in a lie, there is nothing more to do but to try and resolve that problem, especially if that person goes by Mr. Nice Guy.

When a person keeps talking about himself being a person that dont care about money and how he will donate plenty of stacks to many charities, I usually think something is not right. Something stinks, bad!

You think it is OK bragging about your MANY givings? Yes? OK…good for you.

You think it is OK telling people on the forum how you are a BIG DOG and have many LLCs? Yes? OK

By the way, I think this image is the most compelling evidence that BassTrackerBoats is full of shit. What are you trying to show? You have LLCs? As in more than one? WoW.

Many LLCs owned by BassTrackerBoats. He is a BIG dog you know.

You think it is OK to fool forum members into thinking you are as nice as one can get, but in real life you are something else? Yes? OK…..well, I have a surprise for you unconscious people. BassTrackerBoats is not as nice as you may think.

And I am leaving that for Part 2 of this report where I will show you the drama BassTrackerBoats created when he was exposed trying to ruin a business of another well known member from BHW. I will show you the names of other (well known) members involved in this drama. I will show you to what extent BassTrackerBoats went to ruin another person on Black Hat World forum. I will show you how he used intimidation and lies on other JrVIPs to ruin another Executive VIP member.

Why I never talked about this? Because I never expected BassTrackerBoats would become Super Moderator. I thought a person with so many “qualities” could never run a forum.

And furthermore, I never wanted to show the names of other members in this drama because they were all victims in his game.

Stay tuned.


Update: Few hours after this post I was banned from BHW by BassTrackerBoats. Well, that was not expected, at all.