Wendy Dessler

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Wendy Dessler

How are you doing?
Thanks for your intro mail:

Hi there,

I enjoyed your article where you talk about guest posting here: http://nenadseo.com/new-seo/. So much so that I added it to my Flipboard magazine here, as it’s a really great fit and I’m sure our followers will find it a great read!

Last month, I published a 7000 word guide on the best Guest Posting Sites for 2017 and I think it would make a great addition to your article.

Would you consider adding a link to it?

I realize that it is a pain to go in and change the article so I’d like to attempt to return the favor: I am building this huge resource list of Best Blogs To Follow in 2017 and I’d be happy to include your blog as well!

Let me know if you’re interested and we can give it a go!


Wendy Dessler
Outreach Manager at Outreachmama

and the next one


Just checking in – wanted to make sure you got my email.

Thank you,

Wendy Dessler

and the one after that.


I hope all is well.

I’m guessing you’re not too interested in my initial request to be included in my resource list in exchange for including a link to my article about List of 700+ Guest Posting Sites for 2017, but I’d still love to collaborate on some content with you.

Would you be interested in reviewing and potentially publishing an article geared towards evolving SEO trends or the tool stack that is preferable for doing optimized SEO?

Let me know – thanks!

Wendy Dessler

I wanted to check who is this Wendy Dessler that keeps bothering me so I searched around for her.
What I found was mostly boring stuff like SEO, Link Building, Outreach, Networking and Guest Posting.
The most interesting part of my search was when I decided to visit your Twitter profile and saw this image

Now, I am not sure which one of those 3 girls is Wendy Dessler, because whenever I search for Wendy I end up with this image
wendy dessler
My guess is that two geeky girls are definitely not Wendy, especially since the one at the back is into skateboards (notice Santa Cruz decal on laptop) and both of these girls look alike. Looking at the picture above, I cant imagine that carrot-haired girl  on skateboard.
The girl sitting behind the desk might be Wendy, maybe she decided to change the color of her hair…I dont know. Different nose and eyebrows.
But my guess is that I am not being contacted by a girl called Wendy Dessler.
Hmm…I dont know, looking at that Twitter post again I am sure these 3 girls are not located anywhere in North America ( they say they are located in Chicago, Illinois, United States )and by the looks of the doors and furniture I would say they are somewhere in Eastern Europe . Which is fine, you know, I am also there, but why constant SPAM?
Wendy said she is from OutreachMama SEO agency and this is posted on their About page
If someone is not answering your unwanted mails and you keep sending them….it does sounds like SPAM to me.
But,I still cant figure out who is Wendy Dessler, so I searched more. And in one of her Emails she said she is ready to give me a spot in her blog post at Altitude something
AltitudeBranding, thats right. So, the women in that picture doesn’t look like Wendy I know. Her face and hair are totally different, so I thought to myself…no, it cant be, she is iStock Blogger !!
Oh my God, she cant be, she sounds so natural, no south Asian accent, no nothing.
istock bloggers
Oh damn, i really wanted her to be a real person. I already felt like there is some chemistry,…she did contacted me 3 times even though I never answered. I really want to be popular in SEO community. I am all in if she wants that Guest Post on my site, but she needs to prove she is THAT women. In internet marketing and SEO community there is a good old Shoe-On-A-Head process to prove your identity. Basically, when a person claims that she/he is a certain person but nobody trust her/him, they upload their image holding item of footwear on their head.
Something like this
or this
and a last one.
There you have it.
You want a link on my site? No problem, prove that you are legit. So easy your 3 year old sister can do it. Prove me you are Wendy Dessler and I will give you, not one, not 2, but FIVE links.
No article writing required, it is risk free because you cant buy these in stores! This is a rare, limited-time, one time deal opportunity!
Act fast because a backlink from Nenad SEO is worth its weight in gold.