TUI, One of the Largest Tour Operators, Dont Know How Greece Looks like

If you never heard of TUI this means you are not from Europe. They own Thomson  ,several air companies and hundreds of hotels. World’s largest tour operator . Yet, they are not sure if Cinque Terre is in Italy or Greece. Never heard of Cinque Terre? One of the symbols of Italian coast. Unforgettable part of Italian coast, national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here is the image of one of 5 villages located at Cinque Terre region. You have probably seen these colourful images before

But TUI didn’t use that image to promote Greece tourism . They used one of the most known images. Here it is 


This is the village of Manarola , the best known village in Cinque Terre region. Actually, this image is the best known Cinque Terre image. When you go to Google and type in Cinque Terre, first results will be this image.  Not exactly this one, but similar ones, because everyone is taking the same image. There is probably a good spot where tourists stop to take these. You must have seen this before. Either on travel sites, or stock sites or in those articles like :”TOP 15 places to see before you die

Now lets go to TUI, this is their Home Page for Greece. A home page, not some random deal page.



This is all, they have 2 images and both images are the same Cinque Terre (Manarola) images. If I was grammar nazi and if my English was better I would probably be able to find some mistakes in that paragraph they wrote about Greece. Correct me if I am wrong.