Trivago Affiliate Suite is Shutting Down in 15 Days

Just this morning I am sitting at one of the river boats on Sava river(known as Spalvs), here in Belgrade, drinking a cup of freshly squeezed beverage with a friend of mine and we are discussing good rates given by Trivago Affiliate program. The rate for US lead (or click-out as they call it) is EUR 0.85 which is just around $1. Which is good, you must agree, if you are in travel affiliate niche.

They have different rates for different countries. For example they pay only EUR 0.18 for Portugal click-out. Click-out is a click produced from a lead that came to their site via your affiliate link. So, our conversation was going towards this topic>” How come they can afford to pay $1 for each US lead(click-out).”

Knowing the rates at HotelsCombined this did not make sense and we were wondering if they are earning or losing with our click-outs. We didn’t wait too long to get our answer…

Just now I got informed by a colleague of mine that trivago Affiliate Suite will be shut down on March 31st, 2018. On April 1st ( this is not an April fools joke ) , 2018 Trivago will generate the last credit note with the pending balance of the previous months with estimated payment 30 days later.

If you are with Trivago and not working with some of the other programs such as Hotels Combined or Booking I suggest you open accounts with them and start sending traffic their way. Any traffic you send to Trivago after April 1st will not be counted.

Surprise? trivago