This Tool Helps You Gain Links Kissing Influencers Ass

Editors note- Turn sarcasm ON


I was brainstorming the title for this article. I think this title is a perfect fit. I am sure you will agree with me. I am going to review a tool called

UPDATE: is shutting down Dec 15th 2016

So, the tool in question is developed by a leading link seller (sorry, by a content marketer) at Entrepreneur, his name is  Sujan Patel.

You can find more about him here and read his posts at Entrepreneur here.  His articles are not as bad as this piece of crap  also posted on Entrepreneur, but you won’t find anything new there, or groundbreaking. It is just a lot of words. More clicks, more sales, more mentions…well, you know the drill.

Anyway, I visited Product Hunt today to see what is new in the world of Geekness and Entrepreneurship and there it was.  Sujan posted a thread promoting his new service called Content Marketer.

How Content Marketer works? You basically insert URL of the article (or any web page for that matter) and this tool is trying to pull emails of all the people mentioned in this article (page).

I knew this was something great, it must be. I checked out the site and immediately decided to gain….




content marketing 1

Of course, the post I wanted to use, to reach out to influencers, is one of the classics from my blog. Some of you may remember SEO Gurus? Nope? Read it.

So, I decided to give Content Marketer a go, inserted my URL into the search bar and the magic started.

I felt like I was using some tool that is ahead of its time. The Emails, Twitter contacts, names…it all started popping out. Rejoice!

content marketing 2

This is like some secret tool developed by NSA. This tool knows everything and everyone. I started rubbing hands like a birdman. Influencer contacts are on the way. Juicy links are on the way.

Fifteen seconds later results  with contact Emails are in. Now you just need to harvest these babies and  proceed to the next step. But wait, what is this? Matt Cutts from Google is assigned with 3 different Emails. Which one to use? On the other side, why are all the Emails actually my Emails and not his?

content marketer 3

Never mind, I will just clear Emails I don’t want to use in the next phase. I am also not sure if other Emails are live Emails or just some random Emails from random persons, but I don’t care. If I piss just one person from the list that’s a bulls eye.

Lets proceed with my message.

content marketer mail template

As you can see, Email is short and sweet. I admit, I just copy pasted what I saw on Content Marketer home page. I am now waiting for their answer and juicy links.  Simple as that.

Just 10 minutes later first Influencer contacted me back. Bruce Clay. Alas, it was automated answer. He is OOO (out of the office) for the next 5 days.  Buuut, wait for it…. I did got Email address of his executive assistant in this automated message.

Time to bother him too. His boss is mentioned in my article….world needs to know that!!!


Conclusion: If you are spammer this is a great tool for you.  If you are not…try something else.