This is how GoDaddy wil Ruin You, if THEY make a mistake.(problem solved)

Post updated at the end of the article. I would like to thank Joe Styler for ending this drama and dealing with a disagreement in a satisfactory way for both parties.


Here is a story, a fresh one.

Some 10 days ago I bought a “premium” domain at GoDaddy for $500.

The domain was transferred to me almost instantly. I have all the Emails and screenshots supporting my purchase of that domain (at the moment of the sale there was a live site on that domain, it still is, and it is a company that is well known is certain circles and recently featured in major US media)I relisted that domain for $2700.

My listing of that domain was accepted by GD Auctions but the next morning I woke up to see domain was taken away from me, money refunded and I was not able to login to my GD account (I also have 3+ hosting packages and some 50 domains and websites with them, so I kinda need that account, right?).

So I talked to GoDaddy support via chat and we managed to re-start my GD account after changing the password. After I logged in, I noticed that domain in case was still in my For Sale domains at GoDaddy Auctions, even if it was not in my onwership anymore. I thought that this was a mere glitch and that will go away once system recognize it.

Fast forward one week– I tried to login to my Auction GoDaddy account but I couldn’t do that , they kept sending me to the forum/help page. So, I sent an Email to to see what is going on.

Today I received an answer from GoDaddy Auction team on why is my account blocked.

This is how GoDaddy politely tells their 10 years customer to fuck off. (remember , I did nothing wrong, and I am sure the closing of my account was connected to domain I bought from GoDaddy)

Your auctions membership has been permanently suspended due to violations of the Auction Membership and Terms of Service.
No further information will be provided, the decision is final, and we consider this matter closed.

If this is not sorted out here are my next steps.

1.Move all my domains and hosting packages away from GoDaddy.

2.Contact the company that had their online property listed for $500 at GoDaddy. I will explain them how GoDaddy is taking a gooooood care of them and I am sure they will share that with their Twitter , YouTube and Insta followers.

If this was not the reason for my account termination I apologize, but I have been trying to figure out what could be the problem, but that is the only thing I can think of.


Following this blog post and conversation on NamePros forum, GoDaddy Aftermarket Product Manager contacted me with a great news, my account was unsuspended and it looks like I was a victim of a bad listing.