The real truth about SEO, Inbound Marketing, Content marketing and PR defined in 14 lines

1. Inbound marketing is a process in which companies use tools of deceiving to promote one thing while having a final goal to sell something completely different. Attract-Deceive-Sell

2. Online PR is a process where a marketing company is hired by another company to publish numerous promotional articles on a topic of their choice.

3. PR articles are usually not marked as sponsored content because PR agencies are connected with bloggers and editors sharing a profit.

4. You can become a thought leader if you have enough money to buy authored articles.

5. White papers and authored articles published in top-tier online magazines are usually written by ghost writers who are not experts on the topic they write about.

6. PR is the new SEO.

7. Almost 95 percent of the articles published on big news websites (e.g. HuffPo, Mashable, Forbes) written by CEOs and owners of SEO agencies are published because someone paid them to get a mention or a link. The other five percent are articles that they use for self-promotion. (Remember Attract-Deceive-Sell?)

8. Numerous six- and seven-figure SEO companies outsource their work to people in third-world countries

9. Numerous Inc. 5000 companies spend tens of thousands of dollars each month to bribe bloggers (directly or indirectly) in order to post articles that promote their service or product. These articles are not marked as sponsored content.

10. If you’re reading online magazines each day than this means that you have shared (more than once) an article via social media that is written for the one purpose only:to promote a certain product, service, company or person.

11. Content marketing influencers are people that are not creating engaging content

12. Content marketing and SEO influencers are people that are publishing a lot of regurgitated content on sites with a huge reader base, giving them a possibility to get massive followership.

13. Around 95 percent of people that visit SEO and inbound marketing conferences will learn nothing new or groundbreaking because they will only concentrate on speeches and Q&A sessions. There is nothing new to learn there because speakers won’t give you the keys to their vault.

14. The other five percent of visitors (usually speakers) will try to connect with other influencers in order to enter places where they do not have access to.