The city leading the fake news industry – BBC Reel

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If you know how it all started back in 2016, you know that Veles (a city in North Macedonia) was the epicenter, a leading source of fake news for US presidential elections. Back then over 100 sites were tracked during the final weeks of the 2016 U.S. election campaign. And now, Veles is preparing for 2020 elections.

Medical student Elena ran out of money, so she joined her friends in Veles, writing fake stories for cash. This is a look inside the city’s fake news machine, a 5-part series that takes us off the main roads of our lives, following people who didn’t end up where they expected. A BBC World Service and Sundance Institute collaboration.

Producer: David Borenstein

Interesting fact: Name Veles comes from The Slavic Shapeshifting God of Land, Water and Underground