Stop Being Brainwashed

I will show you the depth of brainwashing via Google.

So, I went to Google…

And I wanted to see how are they using their People Also Ask to trick you into not using your brain. because PEOPLE asked and Google answered. These answers are not REAL answers, this is the list of wishes created by either Google algorithm or army of slaves working for Google.

Yeah, they are slaves, but we will talk about that some other time.

So, I searched for something stupid like “should we build seo links“. I see this search as something that a typical newcomer would search when in doubt.

Google said, MOZ said, that bold Guru said, my mother said that we should NOT buy links, what should I do? How do I build links? How do I go out of my basement into other peoples PCs, mobile devices and wallets? How do I sell them my shit?

I am new, no one knows me. You are in that position? No matter how good you are there is another site that will outrank you. Because they were here long before you.

Do not worry. Google will lay down a LIST of answers connected to your question.

So, this is what Google say.

brainwashed seo

If you hate aligning social signals and writing testimonials for other websites…..I have a nice surprise for you. That shit is for sissies. You need to get(buy) links.

Two types of people.

  1. People that will say:”I am gonna comment on relevant blogs” and I am gonna be next blogger extraordinaire.
  2. People that say:”I am gonna make some money this year’s Black Friday and Christmas. I will dominate that shit”.

Oh yeah, there is a third group. They do nothing, they are 80% of people.

First type of people are people that are brainwashed and they don’t want to admit that.

Other type is a guy that knows he was being indoctrinated and he is trying to escape the sect. Mainstream SEO media sect.

But if you are new and clueless about quality backlinks, GOOGLE will tell you what are quality backlinks.

Another LIE.

Quality backlink is a backlink on the home page of a site that is not selling links and enjoy huge trust with Google.

Web Site Theme- Doesn’t matter!

THAT is a good link.

You know how I know that? Cause I am not a Guru that needs to sell his keynote speaking gig. I do not have to tell you the lies promoted by mainstream SEO media.

Same people that are selling you “Create Great Content” game are the same people that SELL LINKS, they exchange links (mentions), they buy links, they do it how it should be done. And you are left in the dark thinking your $50 infographic outreach Email campaign will do the trick. Well, it wont.

Black Friday is coming soon and what are you going to do about it?