Someone stole VBK.COM and they are trying to sell it?

Just saw that VBK.COM is for sale on SEDO. And at a very low price (EUR 7999). But, people sometimes sell good domains for a lower than expected price. Maybe this is a deal I was waiting for? sale
So, I immediately jumped to click BUY NOW button. Before clicking I wanted to re-check a couple of things. To be honest, the price was set in Euros, which means that the seller is based in Europe?

That was the first red flag, since there is no reason for a US owner to sell domains in Euros.

Second red flag is the fact that the domain is owned by a law firm called Vafiades, Brountas & Kominsky from Bangor, MA. Why would they sell such a valuable asset? They are lawyers, not stay at home mom blogging about her life. Maybe they decided to split so they wont need VBK anymore?

But their site is “dead”. And when I tried to reach them via Facebook I got an automated message. Maybe they are out of business and selling their online properties?

So, I checked WHOIS data again and noticed that tech contact can be reached via 

I Googled CM Wesont, and found out this is a Web Design company from Bangor Maine. Same city VBK lawyers are from. This looks legit, unless Web Design company went out of bussines and their domain expired.  That is when I decided to check out their WHOIS data. And this is where I found out about the biggest red flag so far.

CMWESTON.COM is only 21 days old . Why is this important? Because, this means that someone waited for this domain to expire. Once they saw that domain expired they jumped and registered it.

Why would scammers do this? Because tech contact for VBK.COM and  (probably) GoDaddy(or Network Solutions) login Email for account that holds VBK.COM is, which furthermore means once you get the control of CMWESTON.COM you also get hold of GoDaddy account connected with VBK.COM.

You do this by pressing I Forgot Password and new pass goes straight to your inbox, Inbox that you now control.

Another thing  I noticed is the fact that the name of Registrant for CMWESTON.COM is Repossessed by GoDaddy. There are many explanation GoDaddy used in the past to explain what Repossessed by GoDaddy means, but to sum it up in a couple of words- Suspected Fraud.

If you are into 3 letter .COM domains this probably  won’t be the best choice for you. On the other hand, He who dares…? Wins?