Scalability VS Creativity

Do u evr wonder why everything u want 2 do seems meaningless, insignificant and pointless?

U can easily think of an idea. In the moment, the idea makes u feel alive. The thought of putting that idea into action, creating something, showing something 2 the world makes u feel alive. More alive than anything u’ve ever felt.

In a matter of seconds, u r simply overcome with the thought, “Why effing bother?”

Ur idea will never reach EVERY1 in the world.
They will not be MOVED by ur idea.
Ur idea will not IMPACT their world.
The world does not care abt ur idea.
The world is fucking busy and does not have time 2 give a shit abt u.
The world won’t even ‘get’ ur idea and ‘appreciate’ the true beauty of your (in)tangible originality.
N e ways, some1 already tried ur shitty idea, and it failed fucking miserably, so stop thinking ur special anyways.

Ur idea will nvr SCALE in2 something bigger.

Whether ur a writer, a musician, a startup, a blogger, a Youtuber, a chef, a famous Instagrammer, a person who opens up a knick-knack store, a local cronut bakery, a person with a dream, or any type of solo entrepreneur, u have 2 achieve scale or else ‘it is all just a waste of time.’ No matter how pure ur product is, don’t kid urself–it’s all about scale.

No1 can compete with Nike not bc they have the ‘swaggest effing kicks’, but bc they have the best network of enslaved AZNs who ‘have 2 keep making those Nikes.’ The great idea is not the shoe, but the massive network of enslaved humans that must create the idea ovr and ovr again.

“Don’t overthink the idea–think abt how to create ur legally enslaved workforce.’
Uber & Lyft

Why do u need 2 scale evrythng?
Scalability is the way society validates ideas. If ur idea is useful, u should have the opportunity 2 scale. Scalability is the ultimate ‘pat on the back’ via society. You can be reminded that the world NEEDS u. Ppl ARE DEPENDENT upon u 4 something ‘unique.’ Thanks 4 manifesting that scalable idea.

Established brands protect themselves, bc scalability is the ultimate barrier 2 entry.

Our eternal standards of societal success are defined by scale.
We must achieve scale in order 2 feel as though we have ‘fans,’ which is the nice term 4 ‘recurring customers.’
While u scale (especially online), u must retain customer data in a widely-used contemporary medium in order to eternally re-market to your fans/users.
Scale creates a ‘fear of missing out’ by those who have not interacted and/or invested in ur brand. 4 example, ppl who don’t live in California think In & Out Burger is some rare fucking burger. However, In & Out is scaling across the nation, bringing their ‘amazing burger’ 2 the world.
Eventually, u’ve scaled s0o0o big that u don’t even have 2 try n e more. U can just do whatever u do in a shittie way, and it doesn’t even matter. U will continue 2 exist bc u’ve scaled 2 the point that it doesn’t matter.
Even if u tried 2 make ur product ‘more meaningful’, it will actually just be a waste of time and money. Ur product is what it is.

The questions of asserting urself in the world have less 2 do with the thoughts and ideas manifesting themselves, and more 2 do with ‘how u can scale them.’ Be realistic abt ur potential customer base.

Subconsciously, I want this blog post ‘2 reach the entire world and change the way every1 thinks.’ This is what drives me to keep typing, 2 keep crafting my words in2 something ‘beautiful’ that describes ‘the human condition.’ I want 2 believe that ‘what I write’ could mean something 2 every1 bc ‘the universal message is inside me’ [via Millenial Gen Y vibes]. I want 2 feel comfort in feeling that what I feel is the exact same way people who are like me feel, except that what I feel is different, too.

The only infinitely scalable idea/feeling is depression.

Ur not unfulfilled because u ‘can’t be creative.’ Ur unfulfilled bc u can’t instantly scale your idea 2 feel validated.
I think it’s always going to be difficult to have a ‘creative existence’ and feel ‘fulfilled.’ Gen-Y’s identity is very tied in2 ‘creativity’ being the thing that frees u from feeling like ur trapped at the bottom of an employment pyramid. When u create something beautiful, nothing else matters… until u realize ur poor. :-(

If u aren’t thinking abt scaling ur idea, u have conceded the ideas:
I am poor
I am not going to ascend towards the top of an industry or business’ employment pyramid.
I am not going 2 create a personal narrative of ‘substantial growth’ that ‘started from the bottom.’
I have ‘settled’
I am just another idiot in this world continuing 2 arbitrarily exist even though all i really want is food, shelter, and periodic indulgent experiences.

A.B.S.: Always be scaling.

We go 2 school to learn abt other ppl who have scaled ideas. Whether it is for commerce or art, every ‘successful historical entity’ has undertaking a successful scaling project, like that time Hitler scaled the Holocaust 2 unchill levels. No matter what niche u r interested in, u can’t avoid the stories that involve scaling towards money and notoriety. Like that time Obama ‘scaled’ the idea of HOPE.

Scale = Ambition?
Scale = reaching the Zuckerberg-level of fame, creative fulfillment and societal validation?
Does wanting more = keep u driven?
Does presenting the idea that u ‘want more’ keep ppl ‘respecting u’ bc they are 2 lazy 2 actually want more?
Does ‘achieving scale’ mean u have reached the top of an employment pyramid and have a perpetual stream of income

“Content is not scalable.
Technology is scalable.”

“We’re not a content company. We’re a technology company.’
-online media companies trying 2 convince ‘investors’ that they are ‘valuable’ even though scalable media is all worthless so they pretend they ‘know how 2 make things go viral’ and ‘are building ad solutions of tomorrow’ and ‘glorified content management systems’

Every ‘great idea’ that we’ve seen created on the internet has greatly warped our perception of ‘success.’ We were manipulated into ‘championing’ these new scalable business in trackable conversations that were stored in the cloud.

I struggle with the difference between finding fulfillment by scaling vs creating.
Am I driven 2 scale?
Or am I driven 2 create?
Do I want to create in order to feel in control of a process that I feel meaningful?
Or do I ‘create’ in order 2 create an entity that is scalable into mass customers/users/audiences?
Am I driven 2 conform 2 an existing business model?
Am I driven 2 be a cog in the machine of another person’s scalable project? [via consistent employment]
Does my message even matter?
Or does the idea that I am scaling matter the most?

Should I actually be thinking of new ideas and concepts, or should I just focus on the process of scaling? Should I just replicate existing models of scalability in existing industries? Or is there some abstract message that can be ‘scaled’ [via ‘art’]?

Why is a traditional job seen as ‘settling’ in the eyes of most generations? Bc u have given up on any sort of scalable ideas. Ur a quitter. Ur not ready 2 ‘build something.’

The process of scaling = ‘the meaningful narrative’
Ur supposed 2 have ‘some sort of great idea’ that ‘reaches the world’ and ‘changes lives’, like the iPhone or some shit.

Because ur existence is attached to this ‘idea’ or scalable innovation, u some how have ‘more meaning.’ Why am I jealous of Steve Jobs? Bc he was rich? Bc he had a network of scalability? Bc he was perceived as a thought leader? Bc he had mad black mock turtle necks?

I guess we r supposed 2 find meaning during the process of scaling. The idea that we #grew and getting some sort of validation that our product ‘means something 2 ppl’ [via ppl are willing 2 pay 4 it]. We think abt when it was all just an idea.

U have the opportunity 2 scale.
More ppl will like u.
More ppl will become dependent upon u.
More ppl could not live without u.
More ppl see u as a source of ________.
More ppl = scaling.
scaling = more ppl.

The misleading perception of ‘scalability’ on the internet.
I don’t think we are even impressed by $$$ figures. Instead, we just have arbitrary assumptions of scaled values. The idea that 1,000,000 Youtube views = $1,000,000.

The illusion of online scale is that one thing u must achieve in order 2 frame ur value. It’s why ppl buy Twitter followers Facebook likes, and Youtube views. Remember the time that fat North Korean guy got a billion Youtube views?

Is the current crop of ‘the creative class’ actually just an enslaved 2 scalable mediums on the internet?
Can u really measure anything [via success]?

Is there room for creativity on the internet without the pressure 2 scale? Is all content created ‘2 go viral’? Has internet entrepreneurship created false scaling expectations 4 every creative/business/life idea?

‘One man’s 2,000,000 Instagram followers are another man’s 450 Myspace friends’
-the internet

We’ve been told that if we do something ‘creative’, it will make us happie, which is basically why HOBBY LOBBY exists–2 prey on the empty dreams of failed creative types who can only rlly evr replicate existing mediums of self-expression.

There are always the standard artistic issues of authenticity and ever-changing mediums. However, I think the biggest challenge for the current creative class are the limitations of reasonable scalability in mediums that only create an illusion of ‘reach.’ By pumping more content in order to validate the monetizable metrics of the internet, content is no longer seen as ‘created bc it is important.’

Users now see the entire world as clickbait, and every message is compromised in order 2 scale.

Should creative entities have 2 worry abt undertaking projects 4 the purpose of scaling?
How do new artists succeed when online mediums are built to promote topics that already have an expansive reach?
Can websites rlly ‘be cultural hubs’ when their ultimate goal is 2 scale at all costs?
Does ‘the best art’ eventually reach appropriate audiences so none of this bullshit even matters?
‘Pop music hasn’t gone anywhere for a reason, yall’ -some1 being deep

I believe that the future of authentic independent culture cannot continue as a mechanism of large scale content farms.

Art cannot exist in the scalable landscape.
Art criticism does not exist on scalable media websites.
Audiences who process ‘art’ in the scalable media landscape are not ‘authentic’.
The message of artists becomes compromised when they are ‘promoted’ on scalable media.

Do we rlly like bands that exist 4 the purpose of scaling?
Do we rlly ‘trust’ websites that primarily exist 2 scale?
Do we like businesses that only rlly want to scale and don’t actually care abt their customers?

Why do we ‘celebrate’ scalable ideas?
Do ideas that are ‘scalable’ represent the optimal solutions 4 human existence? Or are they the businesses that have the most successful scalable ideas eventually oppress us by marginalizing necessary human actions into metrics & monetizable opportunities?

Is it worth it 2 post 2 Instagram/Facebook/Twitter when ‘some1 else’ is just making money [via u]?
Is it worth it 2 take an Uber when some driver is just ‘getting ripped off’ and virtually enslaved?
Is it worth it 2 click on a clickbait when u represent $0.0001 of their monthly revenue?
Is it worth it 2 romanticize the hit Aaron Sorkbro film ‘The Social Network’ when it is just a celebration of scalability?
Do u evr feel like u r just a Winklevoss ass bitch? [via ‘I swear I had a scalable idea!’]

Is scale worth ‘resenting’?
Should u ‘believe in ur message/product’ 2 scale because u ‘want 2 change the world’?
Or is it better 2 approach ‘scalable opportunity’ like it is some sort of fight by ‘the human spirit’ in order 2 ‘survive’?

Should we continue 2 scale 2 the point of ubiquity?
Do u want 2 be evrything? [via god?]
When will u be happie?
How do u ‘rationalize’ the way u spend ur time?

Is ‘authenticity’ rejecting scalability?
Is ‘happiness’ embracing the narratives of scalability?

What r u gonna scale in ur lifetime?
Or do u not actually have an idea/product idea that could evr matter 2 n e 1?

This was part III of Homage to “Terminal pop-up art website blog” Carles.Buzz