Someone is Doing Negative SEO Attack to Our Site

What to do if someone decided to Neg SEO your site? In my case…I wont do shit. Honestly guys. I really don’t care that someone is wasting his time and energy spamming my site with crap links. Maybe I could do a case study in a few weeks, once they stop blasting us. If you are new to SEO and not sure what negative SEO is, here is a link to help you out. (that article is , by the way, written by one of my favourite link sellers.)

So, basically, the person behind this negative SEO attack is creating thousands of spammy links using random anchors like “pornstache quotes”, “sex”, “sexting lingo”, “homepage”…etc. I will now post a couple of screenshots explaining my new link profile.

So, here is a screenshot of Ahrefs dashboard from the days when this started (some 10 days ago).

neg SEo 20.12 Anchor Cloud

As you can see TOP anchor is a Chinese symbol that actually reads (when translated by Google) as Homepage/Home. Why would someone use such a nonsense to get me penalized it is beyond me. Chinese language is not forbidden in Google algorithm and Homepage sounds like a legit link. So, I would like to thank to a person in charge of this negative SEO attack.

As the days goes by Anchor Cloud is changing a bit and now I am posting screenshot from today. 

neg seo 27.12

You can see that Chinese symbol is stil lthere but now at 56% and Corn Maze Denver is now in top 5 anchors used to spam my domain/site. I was thinking to optimize my home page to try and sell some Corn Maze but couldt figure out how and where to fidn a reliable partner. I used to own some country/rednecks related FB pages but I have sold these. I am out of luck.

On the other side there is this “Fallout Shelter Cloud Sync” (I really needed to Google this keyword, I wasn’t sure what is this about). After Googling a bit I found this Reddit thread  and I don’t see how to monetize that. And you can see one of my favourite anchors emerging from the bottom (sexting lingo).

I am still not sure why is spammer trying to make my link profile look natural. He keeps using generic words such as 

1. “view web page”

2. “Bekijk webpagina”  (I think that is Dutch for View Web Page, not sure and I don’t want to check.

3. Homepage (in Chinese)

I thought if you are going to do negative SEO attack you should just blast some gay ass porn anchors and that’s it. We already reported some nice ranking for girls and asses on our SEO blog so this additional effort by our trusty spammer should do miracles.

Now, I must say that our TF (Trust Flow) to CF (Citation Flow) ratio went full retard (to see more about this please read this article.).

neg seo 27.12 majestic

Noticed how my CF is through the roof and TF is down at 14? Well, in the eyes of people who care only about the metrics- THIS IS A BAD THING.  So, the point is to have CF close to TF. This means that you have good ratio. When CF is higher than TF so many times this means your site is probably spammed with Low Quality links.

According to Ahrefs I am ranking for around 500 keywords. Actually, I am not, these are just spots in top 100. I was in top 5 for “Quality SEO company” when this started. Maybe my ranking for this keyword caused this attack. I dont know, but I will talk about that later. So, lets take a look at keywords from 7 days ago (according to Ahrefs).

neg seo attack- 20-12 KWs

They say there was approximately 561 keyword that our site was competing for. The only keyword worth mentioning there was Quality SEO Company. I took a screenshot today as well and there are some small changes.

negative seo 27.12

So, some 50 keywords went out of top 100. Which, I am sure, is not connected with this Neg. SEO attack. If this was the case, there wouldnt be any KWs left.

According to SEMRush these are the latest changes (in the past 24 hours) for some of the keywords.

negative seo semrush 27.12

The biggest drop was for “x theme” keyword. It went 2 pages down. I am not sure why “expedia google” keyword went down because I am sure our article on Expedia Google relationship is valuable for readers. On the other side, I am completely confident this is not caused by negative SEO attack. These are just some random keywords but we can see that there is nothing but Google Dance here.

So far Google algorithm didn’t recognize improper behaviour in our link profile (maybe because it is too early, maybe because we have some really great links…who knows).

Who can be behind this Negative SEO attack?

I am sure I have created a lot of enemies (not sure if this word is too strong)  in the last couple of years (since we started this blog).

First one that came to my mind was anyone who was involved in the story about Expedia (the first post on our blog).

Second ,there was that SEO Gurus post .

Then there was that post about a SEO mill (big US SEO company). I didn’t name the company in the post but I am sure they recognized themselves.

We all remember my post about Startup SEO Guru. Few weeks ago I was contacted by a person in question and he wanted the post deleted..or else. (to quote him “…  I’m sure you don’t
need the hassle it would cause.“)

Then there is that X Theme review.

Furthermore, I talked about Content marketer tool and how shit of a tool that is.  And how you shouldn’t bother people with your spam, that is created by this tool.

Maybe someone from this bunch of idiots?

On the other side, many of aforementioned are busy counting money, so I am sure they don’t want to waste their precious time on me.

I am also active on one SEO forum and pretty infamous there, as well. I know I have hurt a lot of feelings there and some people went out crying, some called me bad names. So, it can be anyone. Investigation continues.

P.S. I haven’t used my proofreader for this post. So, sorry for any/all grammar mistakes.

P.P.S. Have you been a victim of negative SEO attack? If yes, was there any effect on your rankings?

P.P.P.S. Enjoy the holidays and a happy 2016