How to Take Over Biggest Marketing Forum and Make it Your Own Milking Cow

Taking over something that is out there for years, even decades is not an easy job. It takes many years to become someone who is trusted by both forum management and visitors. Especially when this forum is the best known forum covering digital marketing ( this takes us to our first step.

  1. Prepare for a long battle

Do not expect to become authority in a matter of weeks or months. You need to commit at least a couple of years of your life to this project. But why? Because this is your new career. This will bring in some serious money, if you play it right.

Start by registering on the forum and see what the forum is about, who is who and explore Membership levels. As with any serious forum, you have different ranks, usually from Newbies all the way up to Super Moderators or Owners. Your goal is only one step below Owner. This is usually Super Moderator position. This is your goal.

But how to go there. Forget your day to day persona, your language, your likes and dislikes. You need to become a new person. Mr. Nice Guy. A person that knows how to joke, the person that knows his Thesaurus and a person with some life experience. Small mistakes can ruin your profile in a matter of minutes.

Play it safe but not too safe. No one likes spineless creatures. Share your gratitude, let the world knows you are out there.

When in doubt troll a bit so people can see you are not that serious, throw a joke or two. Good profile is not black and white, you need to wear all hats. Make sure you are not playing down on Moderators or trusted Senior members, since these know how to fight back. This is crucial in the beginning of your forum life. Your profile is without protective aura, and trolling on Power members may cost you more than you can afford.

There will be days where it will seem how your online trip is futile but have in mind that the first couple of months are always the hardest. With great patience comes great reward.

  1. Show your KNAWLEDGE

Here in my Garage type of posts and videos wont cut it. This is not YouTube, this a tough crowd but not as tough as you think. Many members wiill settle down at $10/day. So you go out and risk your latest mathods, methods that MAY earn lucky members few hundreds a day.

Because why not? You are one of the good ones, you are not into money, you only want peace in the world, to end the hunger and find a cure for AIDS.

If you follow what I lay down here you will see that Power of your profile will go up. Even though most of the peeps will enjoy having $10/day methods you go crazy with at least $150/day method. But be open, do not make rookie mistakes and try to Email or PM your new buddies with your secret method.

No need to make those mistakes, it wont help you, trust me. What you need is to create a method that even your 13 years old sister can conquer. Why not post something like $189.00 in a Day Using FaceBook. You are about to rise about the crowd. Lay down your blueprint that was passed down from your grandfather millioner. Show them they can succeed like you did before you retired at the age of 32.

  1. Gather Followers

Followers, but not FB type of followers that dont give a damn about you. You need a sect members that will ruin their online presence to save your butt, if needed. If your integrity is at stake they will sacrifice for you. This is where your Mr. Nice Guy and Methods pays off. Over the years you tried so hard and hard work will finally yield some results.

If you get exposed for being a sad act and a liar, your pals will jump in and post numerous replies defending you as if you are sent from above to save the flock. Nothing and no one can stop you now. And do not forget to keep your guard high, respect the forum rules at all time and contribute a solid method every now and then. You are a legend.

  1. Apply to Become a Moderator or

WAIT FOR IT….WAIT FOR IT….owners might even ask you to become a staff member at this level. Several years of your life have gone into making the forum better, you deserve to become a trusted staff member. It is time to cash in the authority you have as a Forum Moderator. People will contact you for random things but they will also be interested in doing JVs with you. Why? Because your name and rank will give more authority to their sales thread. More authority equals more cash. You basically dont have to do much, just franchise your name and ask 50% .

The sky is the limit.

And now that you have SuperModerator powers, you wont allow anyone question your strong moral principles. If they dare you just use your set of tools and delete all posts that are not aligned with your forum image. If needed ban all the naughty ones.

Just look at the BassTrackerBoats at Black Hat World.

He is living his dream. Sitting on a porch next to his private pond. Enjoying the sunsets, mosquitos and sounds of frog mating. Counting the stacks and bricks while his minions are hitting the Like button on each and every post he sends to world wide webz.

To be continued….