How To Melt Down Competitors and Grow Your Business Using Mad Skillz

I know what are you thinking now.

You are going to say, this is just a click bait. It is, but it is also a wonderful start to even better article.

Now, let’s get to the point.

You want more traffic. But you don’t want to read another “Four Steps to Grow Your Blog/business” article

These steps usually look like:

  1. Get to know who is your audience
  2. Share valuable content
  3. Do some link baiting
  4. Stay active on twitter cause Twitter is THE thing, etc…

And if you don’t trust me you can see for yourself

The good

The Bad

The Ugly (now page at


Well, that’s not so bad, but the thing is, more than likely you SUCK at marketing. And writing valuable 2K worders is not enough. Anyone who tell you that writing a couple of long articles will make you an authority in your niche is either not telling the truth or they don’t have a problem staying unknown.

And you don’t have THAT much time to spend your day stalking big dogs to promote your shit. Besides this, big dogs won’t answer your messages on Twitter, Email, G+, Instagram; it’s because they are big dogs.

In order to be noticed you need to do something that will make such an earthquake that everyone in online-o-sphere will notice you.

Remember that post about Link Schemes I did light years ago? You know what this post did?

Hmm, Expedia stocks fell 4% in one day, which, translated in green paper equals somewhere around $300,000,000. When I saw these numbers I realized- I AM FUCKED…these guys are coming for me. They are going to throw me to hungry pigs, to eat me alive.

I was wrong, they spared my miserable life.

But guess what? Thanks to that article, I am still getting inquiries on a weekly basis. It was outrageous article. Who was I to out someone? Why would I do that?

At the end of the day I am doing the same thing with my clients. Our business is all about the links.

I am such a hypocrite.

No. I know the industry, I need to tell the truth. And our site was brand new so we needed to create an explosion strong enough to propel us to the stars.

This is called EPIC post. At least it was epic for me and my team.

We got a mention in Mashable, Cnet, Search Engine land (in 5 different articles!), Bloomberg, Search Engine Watch, Tnooz, and many more.

Epic posts create TONS of links.

Links get you authority at Google. More authority equals better rankings.

This is how YOU will create epicness beyond your imagination.

First, think about where you are now. No one is clicking on your URL in search engine results because you are not in top 3 results.


Now set your imagination on fire and let it guide you to the place where you actually want to be. Take your time. Don’t think about where other businesses are, you are not them, you are different. Maybe you are not better, but there must be something that sets you apart.

Now that you imagined yourself at the top of the Google ask yourself 2 questions

  1. Do I have something worthy sharing? Not just anything, you need to make your competitors ask themselves:”How come I didn’t think of this?”
  2. If I was Google, would I really like to see my results on top, rather than my competitors? Be brutally honest with yourself. Stop living in denial.

I will answer both of these questions.

Answer to question No.1-Yes

Answer to question No.2- No

Here you go. Now that you know the answer to these questions it is much easier to continue. You took the first step, now let’s talk about your business.

You Are Expert in Your field

If you are not, better become one. It is quite easy if you are passionate about your niche. If you are not passionate find something else. Passion cam move mountains.

Turn on the lights in your brain and start the process. What is it that you would like to see. It can be a story, infographic, amateur video. It can be something positive, negative, it doesn’t matter.

Imagine you are selling t-shirts online. You are just a seller, you are not producer.

How do you disrupt this market? Free shipping? No. Android and iPhone app for your store? Nothing new there. Printing any design the client wants. Nope, so many sites are doing this.

How do you move from point A (loser) to point Z (can’t get enough boxes to deliver all orders)?

How do you do that if you are on shoestring budget? Even if you have the budget you need something that will be a huge breakthrough.

A lot of agencies will just take your money and you won’t get any results.

We are back to square one- CREATE AMAZING SHIT.

You can’t succeed in the world by simply replicating a business model, idea or venture. In the end, a great idea is better than having a huge budget without ideas.

The three examples below will showcase this:

Tucker Max- The AssHole

You may never have heard of Tucker Max. But he is a pretty big deal in the United States. Before we delve into who he exactly is, Max is someone who drinks excessively at the wrong times, disregards social norms, sleeps with plenty of women, indulges in every whim and acts “like a raging dickhead.”

Normally, these are attributes and actions that don’t necessarily lead to success. Not so for Max.

In 2000, as a result of bet, he launched, which highlights his enormous and various drinking and sexual encounters through the medium of short stories. For the past 15 years, his website has generated millions of visitors. Today, he is an author, public speaker and self-proclaimed douchebag.

His style is generally original. He became famous by airing his dirty laundry for the entire public to read about. This was long before the Kardashians and every single person on social media did the same thing. He launched his own brand by conceding to the fact that he isn’t the most scrupulous person around or someone to model your life after. But this level of originality worked far more than a multi-million-dollar marketing budget.

Retale- Boring niche conquered with out-of -the-box infographics

How do you produce content that gains the interest of both hipsters in the city of San Francisco and rednecks in the state of West Virginia? It’s a hard question to answer, but this is something Retale was able to achieve. It may seem like an impossible quest, but the website conquered it.

Retale is a website that creates graphics showing how Americans spend their money in real-time. With this concept, it expanded into various other areas, like salaries in real-time  (archived page) and the number of Apple stores (archived page). The original idea has garnered mentions all over the media landscape, comments on social media and, most importantly, more visitors to the website.

Even BuzzFeed, one of the biggest websites on the Internet today, used one of its graphics for an article it composed last year.

A simple idea, an abundance of expertise and a little bit of luck (yeah sure) led to Retale being a frequented web portal.

Rick Schwartz- “No, I don’t want to sell you my domain”

Imagine building an immense and lucrative empire by simply saying “no” all the time? Well, this is what Rick Schwartz achieved with his business of buying and selling domains.

Ostensibly, Schwartz maintained a 20-year plan and it’s beginning to pay off. He’s even beginning to say yes. In fact, he has said yes at least four times this year. It’s worked out pretty well since he’s earned $10.5 million in domain sales in 2015. His latest sale was for the domain name, which came with a price-tag of $818,181.81.

Known as the “Domain King” and “Webfather,” Schwartz has had tremendous skill in forecasting the next big thing and being accurate. Working in this field since 1995, Schwartz was one of the only few to understand the true value of “direct navigation,” otherwise known as “type in traffic.”

His portfolio of simple one- and two-word domains is humongous. On his list of big sales:

  • $8,888,888.88
  • $450,000
  • $1.3 million
  • $750,000
  • $180,000

The list just goes on and on. Today, the business of buying and selling domains is very common and the territory is huge. Anyone from the United States to the United Kingdom, from India to China is doing it. But he was one of the Internet pioneers. A true original in the landscape of domains.

Final Thoughts

Copying isn’t a good business model to have. Being original is the absolute best path to take. The aforementioned names had an idea in mind and they proceeded with it. Today, they’re rich, successful and still working hard to maintain their success.