How To Be Successful – Tried and Tested

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of different industries. From selling expensive consumer goods to trying my hand at wholesale, it was pretty obvious that my passion laid with selling and generating income.

I knew I had to work hard if I wanted to achieve my dream lifestyle. Be open to new information and continuously develop and perfect my skills. My experience in the buying-and-selling industry has prepared me for what I’m doing at the moment – creating passive income sites.

Along my way, I’ve learned a couple of essential tips and tricks on how to be successful. I pretty much use these guidelines every time I embark on a new business venture, I’d like to share them with you.
If you’re planning to start selling a new product or service, you can follow my tried and tested tips on how to be successful every time.
Be Original

Originality is what sells. We live in a world with so many creative and unique ideas that it becomes challenging to stand out from the crowd.

Being original doesn’t mean that you have to be completely different from what’s popular or trending. It could be as easy as taking an existing product or idea and adding something new to it. Incorporating a flare of yourself, if I may, that will improve the service or product to engage buyers.

The improved product will seem like something groundbreaking and exceptional.

Be The Best

Avoid selling cheap things at low prices. There will always be other sellers with products cheaper than yours. Instead, create quality that overshadows the competition and sell it for what it’s worth.

Fill in the gap by creating a quality product in your niche, something that will overthrow your competitors and impress the crowds. It’s easy to sell products that are the best in the market.  

Creating a product that portrayed as exclusive is a better way to draw the attention of potential clients. People want value for their money, by continually innovating and upgrading your niche you will rake in the good reviews and let them come back for more.    
Spend Less Than You Earn

Pretty self-explanatory. Don’t do anything that doesn’t increase your revenue. Renting a fancy office, hiring expensive web designers, and buying top of the range electronic devices aren’t going to make you more money.

Reduce costs by spending only on what’s necessary for the business to reach financial stability. If you lose sight of the main goal (which should be to sell your product and service), then you will over-invest.

Don’t spend money, until you make money.
Know Your Customer

Creating a product that only you would find interesting or helpful isn’t the best way to go at it. You can adapt and change your product to fit a broader range of consumers.

For you to Create Quality and Be Original, you need to go into the streets and talk to people. Make sure you understand who your target market is and speak to those groups of people.

Find out what their needs are and what they think about other products in the niche. The information gathered will give you a clear idea of what is lacking, and you can start developing a better-quality product that tends to their needs.
Setting up surveys or asking groups online is a great way to gather relevant information from your target market.
Start Now

Just do it! Bit of a cliché, I know, but it is true. The more you procrastinate, the longer it will take you to reach your goal and even worse, maybe put it off forever.

Waiting for funding, the perfect time, a business plan, or a complete guideline on how to achieve the goal, is only a waste of your valuable time and talent.

Fear is one thing that keeps you from going for what you want. If you have a clear vision – stop being scared, take the leap and start now!
Don’t Take It Personal

Working with the public has its highs and lows. Bad reviews or constant criticism can really test one’s strength.

Never take it personally. If 1 out of 20 customers tells you that your product is terrible, then it doesn’t matter. If 18 out of 20 customers tells you that your product suck, then you need to take action.

See any feedback from clients as a way to improve. Constructively take comments to help you elevate your business. Either you upgrade and change the product, or you ditch the whole idea and start something new.

No matter how good your marketing is, if people don’t like what you’re selling, they aren’t going to buy it.

Achieving success comes from continually re-inventing, not from persisting something that isn’t working.


Focus on what you do best and delegate the parts of your business that you aren’t that skilled at. You must find quality people that fully understand your business to help you improve it rather than degrade it.

Online freelance sites like are great platforms to find quality freelancers that will help you grow your business.

Find inspiration by traveling to different countries and immersing yourself in a variety of cultures. Pay attention to the people, buildings, and nature around you. Go to places that are inspiring and uplifting.
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer“.

I hope that you will find inspiration in my words and that you’ll start your success journey today! With a bit of innovation and a lot of hard work you can achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.