Hacker News, I am shocked

I really like the idea behind the hacker News. People submit news/articles, other people vote/comment and  algo working behind the scenes decide which article goes higher on the ladder.

It is like some sort of democracy I guess….and all the news in the top of the home page look like they deserved to be there…until today. This day will go down as the last menstrual period of the Hacker news uterus.

From now on it is all menopause for hacker news.

And all this happened when this article reached top 6 on the home page of Hacker News. Trust me, I know what means to be up there, it means thousands of visitors. The gates are opened and ready to receive the clicks, just make sure your hosting don’t have a problem with that.

Now, why in the world, and who the fuck decided to share that article there?

I guess readers/visitors had the same question so they started commenting the article, which caused it to go up up up. Basically this guy, Edward Kim, is talking some nonsense how his company is actually a family and how they are not a team working for a salary, they are like a fucking team of cousins!

Besides this they take their chow in the office having “eclectic conversations” a lot of laughter and all this while sipping wine. He describes meals as gathering and they all have some creepy nicknames such as Wuffles or Bubbles.

They treat their office as a traditional Japanese house made of paper so they take of their shoes at the doors. They are so neat.

Throughout the article the writer is mentioning his company (this is important) called ZenPayroll.  And once you go to their homepage you will notice client testimonials. One of these is by  Kirsthy Nathoo , a CFO of Ycombinator (seed investor in ZenPayrol).

So, basically, we have a guy working for a Man, submitting the article to the platform hosted at the incubator where his family was conceived so he can get more signups for his Payroll service?  Oh wasn’t those $20 mil enough for you?

He did submit the stories before (50+stories) and almost none of these stories had any comments there. No one gives a damn about his blogs and his company, but looks like he never gives up. This time, with the family thing, it was just too much. Hacker News promoting family values within the office walls. Fucking Bubbles.