Guest Blogging? Sure, We Are Fine With That. Here is $500

Yes, you heard it right; Guest Blogging is not dead, no matter what Google (Matt Cutts) is talking about. If you believe that guest blogging is dead you have to fight your deepest SEO fears. Do you know how?

Here is how

We decided to pay $500 for each guest post published on our site. Yes, we know that some of you get more money per written article/case study/report and that’s why we will pay $1,000 for each article published on our blog if your article bring us more than 40,000 unique visitors in one month after it is published. Don’t worry, we have all the stats, we use Metrica from Yandex and you will be able to see all the data you need to see. In case you don’t trust us.

OK, but what should we write about?

This is both tricky and easy. Take a look at our previous article, we like the first one and the 2nd one a lot. On the other side, we know that these articles could have been much better. That’s what we need. We need articles/reports that will have an interesting story, story that people would like to share and these reports should cover every angle, inside out, from the bottom to the ceiling.

Of course, we don’t want you to go now and try to find big companies that are doing black hat SEO, that’s old story already, we want something new.

We want you to create next big news in the Internet Marketing industry. This covers everything from SEO to affiliate programs to Big Companies to Social Media to Hacks to, well to pretty much anything.. We need something that no one ever heard about written in such a way that even your neighbors’ grandma is going to like it.

We don’t want to listen about “5 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Profile”, who cares about that in 2014? It’s not like Twitter was invented yesterday so now everyone has to learn how to create Twitter profile.

We also do not care about article that will tell us how to do guest posting in 2014 . Do we really have to read about connecting with publishers and Google authorship over and over again? I guess we don’t.  If you didn’t figure out how to do guest posting so far, forget about it, or should I say- Stick a fork in it:)

So, basically we don’t want to read about something that already happened.

We want to stir up the soup, we want people to take sides, and if people are not taking sides the article is not good.

If there is no conflict there is no story. Google Chrome is spying on you, great story; we wish they published it on our site.

NSA is spying on everyone? Nope, not a good story, we all know that.

Someone tried to hack your Twitter account? Damn, that gotta hurt and this was such a great story. You got the point, we like thriller posts.


If your story is not fresh and if it is not backed by data (anything goes, screenshots, mails, love letters, videos, audio) we are not interested in that.

In case you’re an expert in your field (anything from site flipping to SEO) and you still want to share your thoughts with our readers we will accept your posts as long as it is a good read. This means that we won’t pay you $500 but you will get a chance to express your thoughts. 

You can send us your pitch via mail on our contact page