Google December/January 2016 Update Started

Just wanted to let everyone know that few hours ago  (according to my tools) Google (HTPPS) update started rolling out. Pretty much all sites are having big changes.  If you haven’t done anything wrong expect all keywords to be back where they were once everything settle down.

Update January  9, 2016 

All keywords are moving strong up and down, looks like a major algorithm change is going to happen. Google is probably still testing since keywords are very unstable at the moment.

I did noticed that one EMD that I am tracking went from page 4/5 to page 2 for a lot of keywords. There was no SEO performed on this site so this might be connected with exact keyword in URL.


According to Algorro something is deffo happening today but we will need to wait at least one more day before we call it a major (Penguin?) update.

Something similar is going on  with Accuranker. Their “Grump Rating” is showing that Google is CAUTIOUS today. They are basically saying that they will wait few more days to see if Google mood changed or not.



Might be interesting to point out that we see some significant negative keyword changes that go back to where they were a minute ago. Similar to what happened during HTPPS update (DEC 2015).


Your thoughts?


UPDATE: Read more about this update at Search Metrics blog. Lots of things explained