Why would I trust you?

Many SEO companies use outdated practices, or offer results that they simply cannot achieve. All too often clients shell out large portions of their marketing budget for little to no gains.

Nenad SEO is different, because we deliver real results using cutting edge SEO practices and techniques.

We offer High-Quality link building that you can’t find in your local SEO store  and strategies which are carried out by experienced SEO professionals.

We set realistic targets, and we demonstrate results through real life searches.

We won’t waste a single cent of your marketing budget, and we’ll make every dollar work as hard as possible. Of course we can’t and won’t guarantee 1st spot at Google

How many keywords or phrases can I target?

We offer unlimited keyword and phrase targeting, and we’ll even help you choose the best keywords for your SEO campaigns (based on the search frequency and competitiveness for each phrase).

Based on our research, you will be able to decide how much of your digital marketing budget should be dedicated to each individual keyword or phrase, giving you maximum impact for your money.

Will I have an account manager?


At Nenad SEO  we believe an account manager is crucial to building a relationship between your business and ours. Your account manager will liaise with you throughout the entire lifetime of your SEO campaign.

Your SEO campaign may require the services and expertise of several of our employees, however, all correspondence between our team members and your business will be managed through one central contact.

Whether you require a short and simple SEO kickstart campaign or a complex and ongoing SEO strategy you can be sure that you account manager is only ever a carrier pigeon  or email away, keeping you up to date with the latest developments and news.

Who will be in charge of my content writing?

Unlike many of our competitors, every piece of content created by Nenad SEO is carefully crafted by native English and French writers, ensuring that you are provided with high quality content that fully meets your SEO brief that is also free of any spelling errors, punctuation mistakes and grammatical inaccuracies.

Before we assign your SEO needs to one of our talented content writers we will first ascertain some details about your SEO requirements, your audience, your business and your industry.

When we have all of the details we will choose the writers with the most relevant experience and expertise to work on your campaign. In some cases we will assign your project to multiple writers, helping you to get a broad range of expertise in a number of key areas.

How much experience do you have in SEO?

Operations Managers Nenad and Karine have considerable experience in the fields of SEO consultation and online content, and Nenad SEO  has been helping clients by providing highly successful SEO campaigns since 2010.

All of our team members have developed considerable experience and expertise in their own unique fields, and we only hire employees that can prove their knowledge and skills.   

Are there Refunds?

No refunds

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