Examiner.com expired and on the first day of auction it went above $10K

I remember the days when I started selling links to my clients. In those early days I discovered EXAMINER.COM

It was a site with a lot of traffic and huge authority. But what is more important, the people writing for Examiner were some kind of freelancing journalists (“pro–am contributors”).

To become an “Examiner” (that is how the writers were called) you had to be U.S. or Canadian resident and you just had to choose the topic you would cover and then apply.

Once you gained the access to Examiner back-end you were set.

And back in 2012, I realized that Examiners were paid peanuts by EXAMINER.COM for their work, so what I did next is :

I searched on Elance (back then it was the biggest freelancing marketplace) for people writing at Examiner. And offered them a job. You write an article and I pay you. The only thing you need to do is to place a link in the article. And that link will point to the website of my choice. Your job is to write a meaningful article and find a smart way to insert that link.

Clients were thrilled that I was able to get them a link on such a huge site, and writers were thrilled that they were getting 20x more than what EXAMINER.COM would pay them. It was a win-win combo.


Those were the days.

But of course, as soon as some idiots figured out the scheme they started spamming EXAMINER.COM with shitty articles and everything went down. Stories of link selling and spamming started going around. Another content farm was about to die….

Site peaked in 2013 and on January 23, 2014 it was announced that AXS, AEG’s digital ticketing and media platform, acquired Examiner.com.


Fast forward today and we have an expired domain that will probably go well beyond $100K at GoDaddy auctions.

I will update the article once the auction is finished.

Small update. Three days later domais is indeed above $100K already. And I am out of the funds now, will update once it is finished.

examiner.com auction

And just when we thought someone is going to get this huge domain for their next online venture…previous owner renewed the domain 2 days before the auction ends. Well, that was a a huge rollercoaster ride for everyone included in this auction, but the end was not ecstatic.