Do You Want to be Kewl?

Hi there Internet Surfer. Long time no name and shame

It is 10:15 PM here.

Kids went sleeping. We watched Zootopia on HBO. Great stuff.

Fifteen minutes ago I got mail from GoDaddy. This is what they said:

Not long ago, one or more of the domains you searched for showed as unavailable. We’ve just learned that the status has changed to “available” for the following domain(s)*:

No, I wont tell you right now which domain is available (I registered it, so no, it is not available now). I did this domain search some 5-6 months ago. Never before GoDaddy sent this kind of Email. And never before I wanted one domain so much. And I got it for peanuts. For registration fee.

It is completely irrelevant domain for majority. It is a small piece of internet history. At least in my eyes.

Over the next couple of weeks I might re-post some of the articles on my site here.

Why? Because these are some of the best pieces I saw online. Not your ordinary blog post that is written “for both readers and Search Engines”.

And besides sitting in servers I would like these to see light.

If original author find this unacceptable he can contact me directly and I will remove them from site.

Till then.