Content is King- Proof Inside?

Now, we all know that Content is King , right? Last week I posted an article about Content Marketer and just a few days later I noticed that my site is ranking for some juicy keywords. Actually that article is on the page two when you search for Ass Links?!



This is now becoming a trend on our  blog. We reported few weeks ago that we started ranking for some random keywords like girls and tools . I should spend more time doing on-page SEO? 🙂

Oh, we have another update. After we published the previous article about Content Marketer we got (probably automated) mail from Sujan Patel (owner of Content Marketer) where he is basically asking if we need any help with it and he also added:” I’d love to hear your feedback good or bad..hopefully good ;)”

Should I send him a link to my article?


I guess he saw it

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