Our SEO Blog is Ranking for…Tools…And Girls

It is time to celebrate. No, we didnt signed a 6 figure deal, we realised that we rank (page 2 though) for a massive keyword, “girls taking big tools inside porn videos“.

And this is the article about SEO mills that is actually ranking in top 20. How is this connected with tools and girls?

Lets see how Google decided to rank us for this keyword. And, this is not a joke, you actually might learn something. This is a perfect way to rank for a lot of long tail keywords. Google is reading all of the content on your page and trying to find a connection between two or more words.

nenad seo girl ranking



Ok, they took the wrong words here, I was hoping to see combination of “Ranking”, “SEO” and “Money”…..but ok, girls taking big tools is also fine.

Few days ago I noticed that another visitor came to our blog searching for “high quality sex china“. At first I thought someone decided to spam my domain but nope….looks like Google decide to rank us for random porn keywords. Well, I guess some of these visitors may end up being leads. Am I being optimistic?