Barba non facit philosophum

Hi guys,

Here I am in France on a three-week vacation, eating croissants and goat cheese. Instead of enjoying  French weather, I decided to stay inside today and write the article for my blog.

Here are a couple of myths I am going to destroy in this article


Myth No.1 – German highways are the best highways in the world – BUSTED

Myth No.2 – MOZ domain authority cannot be faked – BUSTED (and you know it)

Myth No.3 – You can learn SEO reading Rand Fishkin articles – BUSTED

I decided to go crazy and travel across the European landscape with my family by car. That’s Belgrade-Paris-Belgrade with a couple of detours, totaling around 5,000 kilometers. It was great, and I thought this would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but after we survived it I am thinking about doing it again.

Anyway, on the way to France, we had driven around 400 kilometers through Germany. We thought, “Wow, that’s great, German highways are the best in the world, you can drive your car any speed you want, there are no limitations…”

Well, I was wrong.

The worst highway in 2014 award goes to: Germany

After leaving Salzburg, Austria, we headed to Munich. The first couple of minutes were great. We turned on Ramstein, inhaled manure filled German air (yes, it stinks a bit, but it looks nice, those Austrian and German villages are great) and started enjoying the second day of our trip. And that’s when it all started.

For the next 350 kilometers our average speed was around 70km/hour (around 40 miles per hour) Now, you can imagine our frustration with two small children in the car, with constant danger on the road and with constant roadworks one after another all the way to Stuttgart.

After Stuttgart, it didn’t get better because where there are no roadworks there is a speed limit.  Where there is no speed limit people go nuts and drive 200 km/hour so they end up hitting the back of the truck (and there are a lot of trucks there because highways are free in Germany) or a tractor or anything that goes on four wheels, which certainly causes a havoc.

Since highways are free to all motorists, everyone is taking them, which is the main cause for these packed highways.

After seven to eight hours of slithering, we finally crossed the Rhine and entered France.  Strasbourg welcomed us with mosques, roundabouts and hookers crawling around Maginot line leftovers waiting for clientele. We continued to Paris from there, but that’s a story for some other time, or some other blog.


Back to SEO, cause that’s why y’all here

Domain authority, huh? Page Rank is not updated often, which is why you decided to use DA as something reliable, something that is created by combining many link metrics. It has to be reliable – heck, I fell for it two years ago when I first started using it besides Page Rank. I am still using it, but I double check every site if needed to see if that juicy DA 52 is the real deal or not.

open site explorer down

Often, it’s a fake Domain Authority and you can get a lot of these if you want to buy a domain previously owned by someone else.

DA from MOZ is easier to fake than PR

At least it takes less time because DA is updated every once in a while, compared to Page Rank public updates. Don’t worry, PR is updated but you just can’t see it in your toolbar because Google is hiding the information from you.

So, how do you fake Domain Authority?

Well, listen guys; just follow any awful SEO website or blog, such as… I don’t know…Search Engine Journal (by the way, have you noticed that ridiculous $5 redesign SEJ did a few months ago?) You will get tons of advice on how to boost your Domain Authority. BUT, don’t stop after you skim through the article. “Why?” you may ask: because this is the most important part of building Domain Authority (I am not talking about real authority, I am talking about BS authority).

Leave a comment with a NO-FOLLOW link

You may very well know one of those stupid comments that you really hate, one of those comments that are making you wonder if the poster was sarcastic or plain stupid or one of those comments that shows they are just using tools to post comments.

spammy comments for da


Don’t worry, as long as you don’t have an opinion they will approve the comment. Now, why are those comments so important to get a higher DA? Well, seems like MOZ gives much respect to no-follow links, especially if these are comment links. Makes no sense, right?  Well, not in the eyes of MOZ. According to them, these are the links, the ones everyone should trust and the ones that will be indexed. No, they never said this, but they are acting like this is how it should be.

Let’s take a look at the page where you can see metrics for

nenad seo domain authority

As you can see, they noticed a couple of no-follow links from some random comments I placed on some sites (yes, the SEJ comment is there, but that comment is deleted on SEJ, they didn’t like it) and let’s see if they indexed those links from Mashable, CNET, Bloomberg, SearchEngineLand, etc. that are pointing to our site. Nope, that’s not there – two DA updates later and they still don’t give a damn about them.

What? Don’t tell me you’re throwing away $100+ each month on their so called pro tools? You do know that there are free tools better than this piece of junk, right? Yes, I do know that they use fancy words like Inbound Marketing and Competitive Analysis, but that’s there so you don’t hear the KA-CHING sounds in your PayPal account every month.

Now let’s visit Moonsy to see some expired domains that are for sale, sort domains by DA and pick any high DA domain. I picked with a nice Domain Authority of 45 and 1000-plus linking domains, according to MOZ. Their link profile consists of links from pages like this one. You will probably have a hard time finding their link there between hundreds of other Cialis and garcinia links.

moz crack


Oh, I saw a link to Certified Internet Marketing Consultant there – he must be Inbound certified or something; these certified experts always crack me up.

Having a DA of 45 is something like almost having PR5, and I am not going to go into big of-page audit for this site and show each and every link, but this site is spammed to death, yet MOZ is saying that you should pay attention to it because it has nice metrics.

I am also not going to post hundreds of other domains here – but check this one please – to show you how they got high DA because I think this is enough to prove the point.

Now, a few months ago, Rand announced how they were now going to use Bitly links/data to show their clients a broader picture of ….insert blab la bla here……

Why Bitly?

Are they trying to use metrics no one uses so they can be original or do they really think domain authority will skyrocket if they post links shortened with Bitly around the World Wide Web.  Sure, Bitly data can be useful when you use Bitly to track clicks and engagement, and we have Bitly for that. But the question remains: why would I use MOZ to track Bitly?

I know this is all connected with this Inbound Marketing story they are trying to sell to an average Joe (and his dog), but please, just stop it.

We should create a new site that just assigns bullshit metrics…and build a buzz…create some fucking ridiculous algo like (DA + TF + CF) x (PR) / 4

…and watch all the SEO robots get boners over it. Do a super sick design…



So, is Rand Fishkin a SEO Genius or a Bearded Woman?

According to his latest article, he is neither. He seems to be stuck in time, somewhere in 2012. He decided to create a huge case study on Negative SEO to see if N-SEO is possible.  What in the world happened the morning he decided to sit down and write that post? I mean, now, after every person already discussed the topic, this is not even an interesting subject anymore. Remember, now you can even purchase N-SEO for $5 on Fiverr.

Let’s check Google trends for this search term (negative SEO) and you will see what I am talking about.

negative seo search trend

And on top of it he said: “I/Moz am happy to supply the funding…” It’s as if he will spend $10,000 on it.  He is so generous; he/MOZ will open a Fiverr account and go crazy. They will buy up to 10 gigs if needed. A man that is ready to gamble his fortune for the benefit of mankind.

This is even better than the Neil Patel statement that he wrote a few months ago that in order to boost your DA you need to disavow bad links… and these two guys are bloggers that newbies are reading like a Bible. They think what all these guys write is pure prophecy.

Ok, let’s conclude

“Thanks to the internet, you can provoke thoughts of those in mansions, from the discomfort of your shack.”