About Nenad SEO – High quality SEO company

About Nenad SEO

Nenad SEO used to be an agency that delivered  cutting edge SEO services and Authority Building to clients across the world.

After realising that we, humans,  cannot eat more than 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and one dinner each day, Nenad (owner of Nenad SEO) decided to stop selling his knowledge to clients.

Besides this the entire SEO scene, Internet Marketing and other bullshit terms are not aligned with his life philosophy. 

He also got tired of bribing bloggers and  “influencers”

Now we work on our on-line projects.

Less stress and more time to enjoy and relax.

Some of the best quotes from Nenad:

” Nature stinks”

” I do not offer any services at the moment. Also, this moment will probably last for a long time

Random things as you scroll dooooooown.